Patocco: A jewel in the Julian Alps

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welcome to our new website design

Welcome to our newly updated website about Patocco, a beautiful scenic mountain village in northern Italy. I first started this website ten years ago, with a single page containing a few pictures. Now, with the help of my colleagues from our website design team at Endurance Technology (Thailand) we’ve come up with a whole new site and some advanced features.

Patocco is a beautiful place and an important aspect of the site is to present many pictures of this stunning location. The site has therefore been designed to have as much graphical content as possible. Technically, the site uses the WordPress content management system with a custom theme designed and created by Endurance. This includes our own multi-language extensions to make it as easy as possible to manage a multi-language website solution. - website screenshot – website screenshot

We envisage the current site is only a starting point and that it will continue to be updated and to grow over time. We would like to add more content about the village, architecture, history, culture and the surrounding area but all this takes time. Please check back every so often to see what’s new. Or you are welcome to get involved and help with adding new content, pictures and information.

We hope you enjoy the site. If you like what you see check out our website design services at and see some of the other sites we have created.