Patocco: A jewel in the Julian Alps

Patocco Village Festival – 14 July 2019

Festival for the Patron Saint

Like every year at Patocco in Val Raccolana (Chiusaforte), the festival of our patron saint will be celebrated with Mass in the Church of the sacred heart of Jesus. After the service, the local community invites everyone to participate in food and refreshments in the village central square. This provides a great opportunity for the inhabitants of patocco, friends, relatives and anyone who likes this fantastic place to meet up, have fun and and enjoy eating and drinking together in good company.

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Patocco, Chiusaforte
Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Patocco

The food and refreshments are offered free of charge to all participants. However a small donation to the church funds would be very much appreciated. The Church of the Sacred Heart Of Jesus in Patocco is a beautiful symbol and testimony to the hard work of our ancestors who built it, which has become an icon for the whole Val Raccolana. Given the age of the building maintenance costs are not insignificant. We rely entirely on the generosity of our community to keep this fantastic little church standing and in good repair

Mass will be celebrated at 12:30 Before and after the mass a team of talented bell ringers will provide musical accompaniment with the churches three large bells.

Santa Mese celebrata nella Chiesa del Sacro Cuore di Gesu
Mass in the church of the Sacred heart of Jesus in Patocco

Food and refreshments

With plenty of places to sit in the cool shade under the big tents erected in the village square, the local community will offer everyone a sumptuous plate of pasta, accompanied with cold meats, cheese and desert. You can be sure there will be plenty of wine and beer as well as soft drinks too. Live accordion music will add to a happy and relaxed atmosphere.

This year the committee has a new director organising the event so we hope it will be a great success.

refreshments in the village centre
Feste di Patocco gente nei gazebi a mangiare
Here you can eat a great plate of pasta

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Locandine pubblicitarie feste di patocco 2019
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