Patocco: A jewel in the Julian Alps

A year in Patocco (Video)

A video showing how the beauty of Patocco changes markedly between the seasons. A series of stunning images and memories for each Month of the last year in Patocco are portrayed.

Starting in March 2020 during the tranquility of the the Covid-19 Lock-down the video finishes back in Lock-down as spring is returns in March 2021. The freshness of spring gives way to the greens of summer, the orange hues of autumn followed by a long hard winter. Patocco has not experienced large snowfalls like it did in December and January for several decades. It was so bad that supplies had to be flown in by helicopter. A major effort was also required to re-open the torturous road.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Patocco without a liberal sprinkling of wild Ibex (Steinbock) goats during the late winter and spring months.