Patocco: A jewel in the Julian Alps

Patocco village festival

This weekend will see the annual village festival in Patocco. An opportunity for the villagers to get together, along with others from the valley and Chiusaforte to meet up and enjoy an afternoon together. The festival is organised by volunteers and one of its aims is to raise funds for the maintenance of Patocco’s iconic church. All the food and drink provided is donated by supporters in the anticipation that those visiting will make some donation to the church maintenance fund.

Fest della Chiesa a PatoccoFest della Chiesa a Patocco
Feste di Patocco at the church... some years ago

Last year’s festival was held on 14 July, during the festival a helicopter was seen flying up and down to drop water onto a small fire that had broken out on Monet Jovet due to a lighting strike a couple of days before. Little did we know then what a major disaster this fire would turn into.

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